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Fitness & Technique Class Awards and Six Month Star Award

Six Month Star Award
Our recent six month stars are as follows:
Millie and Ella for July-December 2018.
Our dancers have provided us with their two goals for January-June 2019 to see who will achieve the next 'Six Month Star' award.
Fitness Classes
At the end of each fitness class, we see who has worked the hardest at that particular class and they get to take the trophy home until the next fitness class.
We have had the following winners of the fitness award: Isobel, Grace, Summer, Hannah, Ella, Millie.
What we will say though is that you all work extremely hard at all of these classes so if you haven't won the trophy yet it simply means someone just pipped you to the post. Well done to you all for such great effort throughout!
Technique Classes
Similar to the fitness classes, we see who has worked the hardest at the end of each technique class (i.e. working on squeeze & point, turnout, stretching and elevation).
We have had the following winners of the technique award: Abbie, Niamh, Jessica, Megan, Lucy, Ellie, Millie.
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